Is a 
Born from the
B1g spark
It is inhabited by a civilization of entities—beings of every shape, size and form governed by the universe’s three fundamental energies.
A1 Bug
Since the beginning, the entities of the 1337 universe have lived in peace and harmony.
As of late, rumor has it that there is a mutant A1 Bug that threatens the balance of the entities, and subsequently the universe.
Things have begun to fluctuate.


Amidst all of the uncertainty and confusion, meet Chaos, an entity driven by creation. Chaos is curious about the A1 Bug and sees opportunity for it to move the world forward.
Find purpose in the journey, not the destination.
Attitude towards A1 Bug
While most entities are scared of the A1 bug and view it as a threat, Chaos is open to the, well, chaos it might bring. They see A1 as an opportunity to embrace the new.
Moment we’re catching them at
Chaos is experiencing a moment of self-doubt, plagued by a persistent desire to create and explore new avenues, yet struggling to identify the most fitting outlet for their boundless energy.
Where are they going
Chaos feels misunderstood by other entities. They see endless possibilities for 1337 and doesn’t view the unknown as a threat, but as tool for creativity and resilience. The A1 shift will be a tool for self-discovery.
Chaos Socials


Memory is driven by preservation—keen to hold on to the world as she knows it. What came before has created the beauty she cherishes so deeply. The A1 bug can only jeopardize the delicate balance of the universe.
Unlocking the future with the keys of the past.
Attitude towards A1 Bug
Cautious about the A1 bug and its potential effects on 1337. She sees A1 as a potential threat to the delicate balance of the universe, and is wary of the unknown. Major changes should be carefully considered.
Moment we’re catching her at
Memory is experiencing a sense of nostalgia and longing for the past. Her governing energy of preservation may make her appear grounded and thoughtful. She has a strong sense of responsibility and desire to protect what is important.
Where is she going
Developing her photography skills to document 1337 and promote its preservation. Creating meaningful connections with people. Using nostalgia to convey emotion in everything she does.
Memory Socials


Rave is driven by destruction—a natural part of life and that creates space for new growth and development. A1 as a chance to "cleanse" 1337 and create a new order out of the disruption.
Boldly breaking down to build anew.
Attitude towards A1 Bug
Rave believes that destruction is a natural part of life and that it creates space for new growth and development. He sees A1 as a chance to "cleanse" 1337 and create a new order out of the DISRUPTION.
Moment we’re catching him at
Rave exudes a bold and assertive energy, driven by a fierce determination to stand up for what is right. He is unafraid to speak his mind and take action when needed with natural charisma and infectious energy.
Where is he going
Rave wants to shake things up in 1337 and challenge the other entities to question their own values and beliefs. He wants to show them that destruction can be a positive force for change.
Rave Socials
The InnerCircle
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