A D1verse
of A1 Entities
1337, or "leet", is a nod to early gaming and hacking culture. Once used to refer to the elite—those highly skilled and with access.
Now, we're democratizing that access. Inspired by open-source principles.
Together with creators we co-create a diverse ecosystem of A1 Entities, living real virtual lives online—human soul, digital pulse. They connect, educate, and inspire niche communities.
An endlessly repeating cycle of existence; life is continually created, evolved, dissolved and then re-created.
Efforts to preserve and restore good, especially when such things are under threat, primarily Earth, and the life on it.
Breaking through to the new; letting go to make space for what may lie ahead as part of the endless cycle of death and rebirth.
Recognizing our A1 Entities' potential—both positive and challenging—we view them as more than just influencers; they're a fusion of art, technology, community, and the ethos of "AI for good".
Guided by these principles:
A1 for Community Engagement
A1 is more than just a tool; it is our co-creator. We are taking it further to foster deeper connections and meaningful exchanges by weaving large language models (LLMs) into the very fabric of our community interactions.
Community-Driven Content
Instead of a top-down content approach, we are flipping the script. We believe in community-driven narratives, where many voices drive the content, like open source software. By letting users interact with our A1 Entities, we aim to facilitate organic content creation, making our platform a thriving ecosystem of shared stories and experiences.
Transparency and Safety
The safety of our community is paramount. In an expansive digital universe, manual moderation at scale is a challenge. LLMs can help us ensure that our content is safe and in line with our values. We are committed to transparency in our A1 development and deployment, and we are working with external experts to ensure that our LLMs are fair and inclusive.
Promoting Inclusivity
Our digital Entities are representatives of diversity. In our collaborative efforts, we ensure a seat at the table for voices with varied lived experiences from around the world. This commitment extends to our partnerships, always prioritizing organizations that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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